Cake that looks like pizza

Pizza Cake – Food Imposters

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Do you want a piece of pizza?  Wait, why is it smelling like cake? Because it is cake!

Cake that looks like pizza

For my last birthday party I decided to bake a cake that would be different than any other birthday cake. As I  watched some videos on youtube, I stumbled upon this cake that looked like a pizza. So I decided to try to make one by myself. However, I didn’t want to copy one of those youtube-cakes but create my own version of it.

The Crust

First of all I baked a pound cake. I used the recipe from Thomas Joseph on Kitchen Conundrums ( To this basic recipe I added 1 small can of pineapple, drained and pureed.

I then baked it in a jelly roll pan. After cooling inside the pan I cut out a round pizza-like shape. To further shape my pizza I removed some of the cake on the inside to get a thinner base but thicker “pizza”-crust. Using a serrated knife I carefully rounded the edges, brushed them with edible glue and covered them with a thick strip of tan-colored fondant. To give it the look of a real pizza-crust, I pressed the fondant with my fingers into shape and torched it until it got golden brown.

The Sauce

As a pizza-sauce I used some home made pastry cream (the recipe can be found here: that I colored tomato-red and just spread onto the center part of the pizza cake (the part that was not covered with fondant).

The Toppings

Some toppings you can see on the picture are made of meringue that was colored and piped onto a baking sheet before drying it in the oven. The following were made of meringue:

  • corn
  • rocket leaves
  • onions (these were painted after baking with purple and red food coloring)

Here is a list of all the other toppings and what they were made of:

  • cheese: grated white chocolate
  • mozzarella: toasted marshmallows cut in half
  • olives: chocolate dyed black
  • basil: chopped mint leaves

The most difficult task was to transport the cake inside a pizza box…. 🙂

My pizza cake at my birthday location